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The Butterfly Effect is a gin lovers treat with a refreshing combination of flavors. When you place your order, our skilled mixologists will start with the star of the show, Mammoth Gin, distilled in Northern Michigan.

Mammoth Gin


“Mammoth Contemporary Northern Gin is a blend of six individually distilled botanicals, several of which are grown right here at Mammoth Farms. Rather than distill a single ingredient batch, each botanical is distilled separately using the method best suited to express its individual character. Juniper and white pine, lavender and sage, lemon and orange. The result is an earthly, complex and amazingly balanced spirit that reflects the natural terroir of our northern home.”

What is Contemporary Northern Gin?

This new modern style of gin carries a minimal juniper component to allow a more pronounced emphasis on the flavor profiles created from fractionally distilled northern botanicals. By steam distilling pureed juniper, only the lightest and sweetest aromatic oils are pulled from the berries, leaving behind the more bitter, resinous character often associated with a London Dry style.

Here’s where the craft comes in, for just the right amount of sweetness, we mix in some luxardo maraschino, add some floral essence with creme de violette, then top it off with a bit of lemon juice and garnish with a house dehydrated lemon wheel.

The result is a delicious flavorful gin cocktail that will have you coming back for more.