Fresh Coast Lounge

Weekly Specials


Hey there, food lovers! We are excited to introduce one of our newest additions to the menu that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds – the 14 oz Braised Pork Shank.

Imagine sinking your fork into tender, succulent pork shank, slow-cooked to perfection until it practically melts in your mouth. Paired with creamy Southern cheese grits that add a touch of comforting indulgence, each bite is a blend of savory and satisfying flavors. But we don’t stop there; we elevate this dish to new heights with scorched Brussels sprouts, adding a delightful crunch and a hint of smokiness that complements the richness of the pork.

And what’s a masterpiece without its finishing touches? A coating of velvety horseradish cream atop the pork, imparting a subtle kick that awakens your palate. To crown it all, a drizzle of decadent truffle oil adds an exquisite earthy aroma that elevates the entire dish.

At Freshwater Tavern, we believe in delivering not just a meal, but an experience. As you savor each delicious bite, take in the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan, providing a serene backdrop to your dining experience.

Have we mentioned before… You can not beat the view!

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